Dec 11, 2017

IMAGINiT Technologies Develops New Online Training Platform

New Platform Creates Interactive Virtual Classroom that Facilitates Real-Time Feedback from Instructors and Collaboration with Classmates

Students enrolling in IMAGINiT Technologies’ LIVE Online training classes for Autodesk software will experience the benefits of a new, proprietary, cloud-based, learning platform developed by IMAGINiT. The new LIVE Online virtual classroom simulates a physical classroom, giving students the highest level of interaction and engagement with both the instructor and the other students.

“Launching our own, first of its kind, online learning platform to address limitations commonly experienced by design engineering students looking to expand their knowledge of 3D design software via an online learning experience, is incredibly exciting,” stated Kevin Kuker, vice president of training and support solutions, IMAGINiT Technologies. “With the rollout of this new platform, we have combined the best features and functions of many of the cloud-based platforms we evaluated. This includes an easy sign-on process and fast, reliable and consistent performance resulting in a highly engaging learning experience that mirrors a typical classroom environment. We believe our new platform revolutionizes the way our clients experience online learning to help them increase their adoption of their design tools.”

IMAGINiT LIVE Online Training Features

IMAGINiT’s LIVE Online virtual classroom is the result of continuous innovation, research and development providing students with the highest online learning experience. Students enrolled in IMAGINiT’s LIVE Online classes will now experience:

  • A high performance environment: From any desktop or laptop computer, students access IMAGINiT servers running the latest Autodesk 3D design software. This ensures a consistent learning environment, access to the most current version of software and improved performance. The new environment eliminates software compatibility issues and the increased performance greatly reduces the lag times between instructors and students that is often experienced in traditional web-based environments.   
  • Increased collaboration: Instructors can simultaneously view all student’s desktops enabling them to identify if a student is falling behind. They can also quickly share a student’s screen with the rest of the class allowing other students to have a visual reference when the instructor is addressing something a particular student is encountering.  
  • An interactive virtual classroom: Just as they would in a physical class, participants can ask questions of the instructor and receive instant feedback and support. Classmates can engage and contribute feedback to other student’s questions facilitating the ability to work together in groups and seek advice from each other.
  • Immediate feedback: With the addition of a testing module, students can now get immediate feedback on how they are doing. Instructors can also gauge the student’s knowledge retention as the class progresses, more readily identifying and addressing any problem areas.  

“Over the years we’ve experimented with a variety of online training platforms, but the experience was always a far cry from the engagement of a true classroom setting,” says Thayne Wickam, applications expert for manufacturing solutions at IMAGINiT Technologies. “IMAGINiT’s LIVE Online virtual classroom truly changes the game. It creates an environment in which students and instructors can communicate and share ideas, facilitating a truly engaging learning experience.”

LIVE Online Training Availability

IMAGINiT offers public and private LIVE Online virtual classes as part of IMAGINiT’s comprehensive training offering, along with the ability to customize content for any organization looking for a tailored learning experience. To learn more about IMAGINiT training and the LIVE Online virtual classroom visit or ask an account representative at 1-800-356-9050.

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