Aug 9, 2022

Rand Simulation Continues on Path of Growth with Expanded Offerings and Expertise.

Rand SIM has added the Ansys optics and photonics software products to their portfolio and is expanding its footprint within North America.

Rand Simulation (Rand SIM), an Ansys Elite Channel Partner and a division of Rand Worldwide, continues its growth by adding new offerings and expertise. Rand SIM has added the Ansys optics and photonics software products to their portfolio, complementing their existing engineering and design consulting services around the core physics of fluids, heat transfer, structures and electromagnetics. In addition to the new optics products, Rand SIM is also expanding its footprint within North America.

“Our primary objective is helping clients strengthen ideation and innovation of their product designs by simulating them upfront in real world scenarios,” says Jason Pfeiffer, vice president, Rand SIM. “Our growth over the past several years has enabled us to invest in new offerings such as our recent addition of the Ansys optics and photonics products and specialized personnel to support these products. At the same time, we continue to invest in the expansion of our teams and our partnership with Ansys as demonstrated by adding new product authorizations, specializations and territories. These investments make us bettered positioned to help customers make their design processes more impactful, informative and cost efficient.”

Rand SIM offers Ansys products across North America with new territories that include Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas, as well as an expanded presence in California, Massachusetts and Illinois. The addition of the optics and photonics products, along with increased presence and expertise, allows Rand SIM to support customers across multiple sectors, from electronics to automotive, aerospace to healthcare, in their efforts to compete while facing compressed development cycles, supply chain issues and the need to minimize design and production costs.

Webcast: Introducing Optics into Your Product Designs

To learn more about how Optics products from Ansys can boost design efficacy, you can view our on-demand webcast hosted by Yaelle Olivier, electromagnetics simulation specialist.

In addition to sharing expertise via news media and webcasts, Rand SIM’s simulation experts also share insights through their new website as well as on their blog. Visitors can easily search the site and access a wealth of educational information, including regular tips and tricks.

To learn more about Rand Simulation, call 888-483-0674 or email [email protected]. You can also subscribe to the Rand Simulation Insider newsletter to receive monthly engineering simulation insights, the latest Ansys product updates, and much more from Rand SIM’s team of experts.

About Rand Simulation
Rand Simulation is focused on helping organizations bring their product vision to reality through incorporating engineering simulation technology into the product development process. Rand Simulation helps product development organizations looking to compress the design process, maximize innovation, strengthen competitive differentiation and grow bottom-line profitability. Serving as both a North American reseller of Ansys engineering simulation software and as a trusted design consultant, Rand Simulation offers insights gained from over 5,000 design projects using engineering analysis software to balance design performance with size, cost, DFM and aesthetics.

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