Apr 6, 2023

IMAGINiT Technologies Earns Four Awards at Leica Geosystems Partner Conference

IMAGINiT Technologies’ reality capture team received four prestigious awards for their outstanding customer service, sales attainment and training delivery at the recent Leica Geosystems Partner Conference.

IMAGINiT Technologies’ reality capture team received four prestigious awards for their outstanding customer service, sales attainment and training delivery at the recent Leica Geosystems Partner Conference. The ability to identify the most appropriate reality capture technologies, create effective workflows and transform digital data into design and engineering deliverables earned the team the following four honors: Dealer of the Year for Overall Sales – US; Building Construction Segment Dealer of the Year – US and Canada; BLK2GO Dealer of the Year – US; and Software Dealer of the Year – US.

“Our reality capture team, as well as the rest of our organization, is humbled by Leica’s accolades and their recognition of our dedication to the success of our customers,” says Jamie Chevalier, vice president of sales at IMAGINiT Technologies. “For over 20 years, our reality capture experts have served clients across North America by quickly getting them up and running with best practices and teaching them how to incorporate scanning services and capabilities into their workflows. Keeping the customer’s success top of mind, our team also trains clients on how to use Leica’s innovative solutions so they can in turn offer the services as an added revenue stream to their clients.”

With a dedicated reality capture team, IMAGINiT helps architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms as well as manufacturing facilities, capture spatial data. This data is collected via Leica laser scanning hardware, mobile laser imaging, detection and ranging (LiDAR), and photogrammetry technologies. IMAGINiT then assists clients in bringing this valuable data into design programs like those from Autodesk. IMAGINiT offers, implements and trains its customers on the following Leica products: P-Series Scanners, BLK360 G1 & BLK360 G2, BLK2GO, RTC360, RTC360 LT, and the Complete Leica Software Portfolio.

“These awards are a testament to the long-term commitment and unwavering focus that IMAGINiT’s reality capture technical experts place on the success of their clients,” says Chuck Coiner, vice president survey and reality capture at Leica Geosystems. “It’s been exciting to watch how the IMAGINiT reality capture team has pushed the boundaries to extend services beyond the traditional AEC and Civil applications to new frontiers including helping manufacturing firms, government agencies and utilities incorporate reality capture into their unique processes.” 

Learn How High-Definition Scanning Supports Innovation

IMAGINiT’s reality capture thought leaders host in person events across North America to show clients how scanners integrate with their existing Autodesk products and workflows. To explore how to leverage the benefits of high-definition scanning or to set up a proof-of-concept consultation session, register for one of these upcoming IMAGINiT events:

Can’t make it to an in-person event? Visit www.imaginit.com/realitycapture or talk to an IMAGINiT expert at 1-800-356-9050.


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